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Struggles, though painful and difficult, can be the catalyst for profound and lasting change. Margaret enjoys working with teens and college age young people, however her primary focus is men and women, individuals and couples who have relationship and marital dissatisfaction, infidelity issues, trauma, past sexual abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety and are overwhelmed by life transitions.

Why Seek Marital Counseling

Studies reveal that couples often wait ten years too long before seeking help. Repeated attempts at resolving problems, leading to greater frustration and distance...

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Why Seek Counseling and Therapy

People often have a nagging sense that something is missing in their life.  Therapy opens the door to identifying what is lacking.  Having a listening and trusted advocate...

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Why Seek Premarital Counseling

Studies support the benefits of receiving premarital counseling.  Not only are couples better prepared to navigate marital and life struggles, there is a reduction...

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One of the most profound desires of every human being is to be known, observed and touched by the soul of another. -MB

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