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About Margaret Bernhart LMCH!

Deep within each of us is a desire to reclaim who we are meant to be and to be captured by hope. As a therapist, counselor and teacher, Margaret also specializes in spiritual formation. She works with people who desire faith-oriented therapy and counseling, assisting them in living more meaningful lives through deeper connections with others, self and God.

Struggles, though painful and difficult, can be the catalyst for profound and lasting change. Margaret enjoys working with teens and college age young people, however her primary focus is men and women, individuals and couples who have relationship and marital dissatisfaction, infidelity issues, trauma, past sexual abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety and are overwhelmed by life transitions.

In addition to her practice, Margaret leads small groups and seminars on topics ranging from: Relationships, Deep Joy and Great Terror, Forgiveness, The Gift of Brokenness, and Greater Intimacy with God.

A Fairfax, Virginia native, Margaret received her undergraduate training at the University of Richmond. After graduation, she relocated to Tallahassee and worked for a national real estate publishing firm for nine years. Securing a Master’s degree in counseling in 1992, she is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Florida and serves as President of RMI, a nonprofit organization. Margaret studies theology in her spare time, reading early Christian writers and philosophers, and sometimes takes courses at Reformed Theological Seminary. She is married and has four children.

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