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Why Seek Counseling and Therapy

January 03, 20231 min read

People often have a nagging sense that something is missing in their life. Therapy opens the door to identifying what is lacking. Having a listening and trusted advocate offers an environment to gain self and other-awareness, and uses life’s struggles to promote growth and change.  Options can be explored and perspectives challenged.  Within everyone’s story are past hurts and unprocessed feelings that when left unaddressed can sometimes surface as emotionally charged reactions and self-defeating behaviors.  Therapy allows for the pain of early experiences to become transformative rather than debilitating leading to greater maturity. 

Common Reasons Individuals Seek Counseling or Therapy:

Finding deeper meaning and purpose in life
Relationship dissatisfaction
Navigating dating pitfalls
Compulsions and other self-defeating behaviors
Early experiences of loss, neglect and trauma
Anger resolution
Parental and family issues
Divorce recovery
Blended family issues
Child rearing challenges
Sexual abuse (affects 1/3 of women and 1/5 of all men before the age of 18)
Life transitions--relocation, job change, empty nest, new parent, caretaking of elderly parents, parental loss, living with disease
Clarifying life direction
Grieving and forgiving
Anxiety and stress
Addictions (Sexual, alcohol, drugs)
Eating disorders
Money handling and financial issues
Spiritual awareness and exploration

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Margaret Bernhart

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