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Why Seek Marital Counseling

January 01, 20231 min read

Studies reveal that couples often wait ten years too long before seeking help.  Repeated attempts at resolving problems, leading to greater frustration and distance can be a signal that it’s time.  When resentment and conflict escalate and communication, connection, relational satisfaction, and trust deteriorate, counseling can change the trajectory of the relationship.  Effective treatment will at the minimum address current conflicts, relational patterns and unresolved painful early experiences.

·    Lack of openness and emotional connection

·    Continuous bickering and arguing

·    Communication failure

·    Lack of affection, romance and relational satisfaction

·    Interference by in-laws and family

·    Differing views of roles, expectations, child rearing, career, and religion

·    Broken trust through infidelity

·    Excessive anger which intimidates and seeks to control

·    Lack of sexual intimacy

·    Handling of money and financial pressures

·    Struggles with child rearing

·    Addictions (with one or both partners)--pornography, sex, alcohol and drugs

·    Conflict responses of criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling (signs of extreme relationship deterioration)

·    Power/control with physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological abuse or threats (types of domestic violence)

Marriage vows and the act of sex are only symbols of oneness until your loyalty is transferred from your parents to your spouse – Anonymous

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