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Why Seek PreMarital Counseling

January 10, 20232 min read

Studies support the benefits of receiving premarital counseling. Not only are couples better prepared to navigate marital and life struggles, but there is also a reduction in the likelihood of divorce.  Pre-marriage counseling is an opportunity to identify strengths to be enhanced and pinpoint potential relational conflicts.  During the course of four sessions you are given the opportunity to explore and address areas of differing views and expectations that can be related to roles, childrearing, in-laws, finances, careers, religion and the marital relationship.   If there is a need for a few additional sessions to solidify a stronger relational foundation, couples will have that opportunity.  As you take steps to plan the most important decision of your lives, and you invest in the marriage ceremony and reception, why not invest in something that will impact the rest of your lives together.  Life will hold struggles that will test your relationship.  Taking the time to engage in premarital counseling is one more way to confirm your decision and help you weather the storms.  If your relationship hits some rough spots where you feel you could benefit from an outside perspective, you already know a trusted counselor who understands your history and relationship, and is available to assist you.

If you are reading this and your relationship hasn’t progressed to the premarital counseling stage, both of you can benefit greatly by reading, Finding the Love of Your Life by Neil Clark Warren.

What You Will Get in Your Premarital Counseling

Four 50-minute sessions, plus four hours of homework (completed at your own pace)
Intake Form assessing individual histories
Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment
50 Differences and 50 Similarities (reveals areas of differing views)
Discovering your marital relationship expectations
One session designed to address specific relationship issues
Exploring misconceptions related to typical scriptures used in weddings, if requested
Discuss as a couple an engaging short book on marriage related to the differences in men and women

At the end of our time, you will receive:

A Certificate of Completion for the State of Florida Marriage License

A Discount of $32.50 from the Marriage License Application Fee for the Sate of Florida

Materials, and handouts

A letter for your pastor, if requested

The selection of a marriage partner that you make may well have more to do with the quality of your marriage than anything you do after getting married. –Neil Clark Warren

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